The Aluminium Composite Panel is a light-weight composite sandwich panel, consisting of pre-finished, coated aluminium skins, over a polymer or synthetic core. Aluminium Composite is both suitable for both interior and exterior applications. 

Our premium range has been thoroughly tested to the Australian Standards by the Australian approved CSIRO and/or Warrington Fire, including full room burn tests. It is also ABCB Codemark Certified to comply with the building code of Australia; ensuring that you are specifying a quality assured product.

In addition to meeting rigorous Australian Standards, due to its versatility, the use of premium Aluminium Composite panel provides a range of advantages:

• Cost-effective

• Low maintenance

• Robust durability & Lightweight

• Unlimited colour range available

• Weather resistant

• Easy to install

• High-class Kynar 500 PVDF surface finish

• Can be cut on site and is flexible in terms of its ability to be folded, curved and shaped


Latest Aluminium Composite Guide can be downloaded from here: Premium ACM Brochure


Solid Colour Range:

White Range 

Black & Grey Range

Green Range 

Blue Range 

Yellow Range

Orange Range 

Red Range

Brown Range 



Sparkling Range

Chromatic Range

Wood textured Range

Natureline Range





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QAQ Decorative Screens and Panels offer an extensive range of premium quality standoffs to suit a variety of applications.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor screen or panel mounting, standoffs can also be used to mount signage, architectural plaques, glass panels or even photo frames. With an elegant look and vast range of standard finishes, Standoffs can be suited towards any residential or commercial application. 


Brass Standoffs:


Aluminium Standoffs:


Stainless Steel Standoffs: 


Aluminium Bowhead Standoffs:


Standoffs also come in various sizes 

13-19mm, 13-40mm, 19-19mm, 19- 25mm, 19-50mm, 25-25mm 


Place the screen on the wall & mark your wall drilling points. Then drill a hole in the wall and add the nylon wall anchors and screw into the wall.








QAQ Recommends a standoff every 600 mm, Drill a hole with a 3 mm drill bit. 


Screen Sizes

Recomended Standoffs 

600mm x 1200mm Screens:

6 Standoffs

1200mm x 1200mm Screens: 8 Standoffs
1800mm x 1200mm Screens:

10 Standoffs

2400mm x 1200mm Screens:

12 Standoffs

3600mm x 1200mm Screens:

16 Standoffs


All QAQ Panel mounts come complete (Packs of 4) and ready to be installed.

For all inquiry’s please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or call 1300-0-SCREENS (Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm)

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Q-Board (PVC) vs Wood Based Materials

Searching for an alternative to wood based materials? Q-Board (PVC) is an affordable and versatile material, that should be considered for your next project. 




What is Q-Board PVC

PVC Foam board or Q-board for short, is one of the most versatile materials on the market. This new generation of PVC Foam board is an extruded sheet which develops a naturally smooth surface upon cooling. Q-board, an Eco-friendly product, is self-extinguishing, water, moisture and mildew proof, resistant to termites and pests; Q Board also is also chemical resistant.  





Why Q-board PVC over traditional wood-based materials

The main advantages of Q-board are its smooth glossy finish, virtually zero water absorption, rigidity as well as sound and thermal insulation. Q-board can be worked like conventional timber and accepts drilling, screwing and nailing; heat folding, bonding, painting and edge banding making it an ideal alternative to traditional materials such as MDF, plywood and particle board.


Advantages of using Q-board PVC

Features  Q-Board (PVC) Plywood MDF 


Particle Board 


Water & Moisture Proof
Termine and Rodent Proof 
No Shrinkage or Swelling
Corrosion Resistant
Splinter Free
Maintenance Free
 Environmentally Friendly
Smooth Surface  Smooth and Flat  Rough Texture  Rough Texture  Rough Texture
Outdoor Applications
Indoor Applications
Gluing and Laminating
Weather and Ageing Resistant


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Perspex ® Spectrum LED



Perspex® Spectrum colours have been specially formulated to give optimised colour performance, with both transmitted and reflected light using white LEDs. With improved diffusion of light and elimination of LED ‘hotspots’, the range facilitates slimmer designs. 

Features & Benefits:

  • 12 colours optimised for white LEDs
  • Perspex® 10-year outdoor guarantee * Conditions Apply
  • Brighter reflected and transmitted colours
  • Even illumination
  • Slim light boxes
  • Lower maintenance
  • Environmental benefits and cost savings
  • Custom colour matching service available
  • 100% recyclable
  • Hygienic - Perspex® is compliant with EU Food Contact Regulations


5050 RGB LED's


Perfect for any kind of decoration, Recommended for use with Perspex ® Spectrum LED.


Advantages of LED

LEDs bring several advantages to the lighting industry, including high efficiency and effectiveness when compared with traditional lamp sourced lighting. LED’s are extremely durable and robust and require little to no maintenance.  

  • Long-Lasting: LED Bulbs are proven to last up to 10 times longer than compact fluorescents, and far longer than traditional incandescents.
  • Durable: LED’s do not have a filament, meaning that under a circumstance in which a regular bulb would be damaged or broken, LED’s will not shatter.
  • Environmentally Friendly: No mercury or other hazardous materials are used in the manufacturing of LED’s, All LED’s (if needed can be disposed of safely).
  • Cost Efficient: LED light bulbs use only 2-11 watts of electricity (1/3rd to 1/30th of Incandescent or CFL) and these bulbs last for years so energy is also saved in maintenance and replacement costs


5050 LEDS Come Complete with: 

6A AU Power Supply/ Charger   

DC: 12V-6A 
Dimension: 120mm (L) x 55mm (W) x 30mm (H) 
Length: about 250cm (include power cable)  
Length of the charger cord: About 142 cm  
Length of the power cord: About 108cm 

Power Polarity: Centre positive

44 KEY IR Remote Controller  

Easy connection and simple to use, lighting can be adjusted through infrared control.

Type: 44-Key Remote Controller

0utput: 3 channels

Input/Output: 12V

Connect Mode: Common Anode

Output current: <2A (each channel)

Working Temperature: -20°C- 60°C

Output power: 12V: <72W 

Product Specifications: 


LED Type: 

5050 - 300 LED's 


RGB (Red,Green,Blue)

LED Quantity: 

300 LED's / 5 Meters total length (Can be cut every 3 LED's - Please contact for more detail)


Waterproof / Weather proof

View angle:

12DC, >6A

Working Power: 


Working Current/M:

0.35 - 1.2A

Working Temperature:

-20° - 50° C

IR Controller:

44 Keys IR Controler 

Luminous Flux:

1280 - 1400 Lumens/M

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Vitrabond® CU is a highly versatile copper composite panel, naturally durable and weather resistant however over time it will develop a Verdigris (green) patina making it an ideal Exterior Decorative Screen, especially in water feature applications. The 4 mm thick composite panel comprises of a fire-rated core, sandwiched between a Copper and aluminium cover sheets. This results in an outstanding surface flatness and high workability, coupled with an excellent strength to weight ratio. 


Product Specifications:



  • Vitrabond has been thoroughly rigorously tested to Australian Standards set by NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities), and approved by CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) and Warrington Fire including full room burn tests.


  • Vitrabond is weatherproofed to BCA (Building Code Australia) clause FP1.4.


  • Vitrabond® is ABCB Code Mark certified to comply with the building code of Australia ensuring that you are specifying a quality assured product.


  • The Vitrabond finish has undergone 40+ years of exposure testing which is continuing to confirm its superior durability and low maintenance.
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