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Wednesday, 30 September 2015 10:36

10 Creative DIY Trellis Ideas

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Following on my screen feature post for the 'Vine' decorative screen design, and as it's spring and everyone and their mom are getting back into gardening, I thought it fitting to do a little round-up of 10 of the cutest, cleverest, or just downright adorable ways to grow vines and other climbing plants on trellises you could make yourself. Melbourne is in bloom with scented jasmine, clematis, wisteria, and many other beautiful, flowering plants I do not know the names of, so while leaving the garden bloggers to show you how to grow these varieties, I will show you what you could grow them upon, with a little DIY creativity and a few links to complete tutorials for the things that might leave you asking, "how the heck did they make that?". So let's get growing going!



1.  Make a Tree Branch Trellis

Sure, you can always go buy a trellis from your local garden shop, but it's never going to look as charming as one you made yourself, is it? No. Get a complete tutorial on how to make a sturdy and lasting one here: Tree Branch Trellis complete tutorial




2.  Create a Pattern on a Wall Using a Wall Trellis Kit




One thing that would be worth buying from the local garden shop or online with this link is a Wall Trellis Kit! Check out the link to see all the wonderful patterns you can create.

3.  Use a Wire Dress Form as a Trellis


Now, this is very pretty indeed: a Dress Form Trellis. It is easy to find these dress forms and other shapes, like animals or the Eiffel Tower, in home decor shops as well as online. Who would have guessed they could make a perfect trellis? And they would add some true character to your garden to boot.


4. Put a Trellis in a Container

Great for those with limited space or who are renting their homes, here's a complete tutorial on how to grow flowering vines in a container by HGTV.


5. Make a Trellis with Old Bicycle Wheels





Next time you see an old bicycle wheel on the side of the road, grab it for your garden! The older and rustier, the better looking the trellis will be. There are many ways you could set up the wheel to get your climbing plant going.



6. Create a Unique Sunflower Trellis





This super adorable sunflower trellis was found on, where you can find out how it was made in more detail. It just takes a bit of painting and hammering, and does not cost much at all. The result is one unique trellis that will brighten up your garden for years!



7. Create a Barbed Wire Trellis



Or, if barbed wire scares you due to a traumatic run-in with it while out in the woods at night, chasing your pet cat when you were a child--ahem--you can purchase an artfully made one on Etsy by some of the many skilled artists to be found there. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any artists making these in Australia, but I am sure there must be some who do it down here. Maybe you could be the first one to make and sell them for us Aussies...

Left Side Photo Credit: An artist-made Trellis from Etsy - by The Dusty Raven

8. Create a Trellis with an Antique Window Frame


Those beautifully carved antique window frames you can find in antique shops, junk shops, and flea markets might not ever grace the sides of a home or chapel any longer but they can be used to make stunning feature pieces in your garden.


9. Use Reo Mesh to Create a Trellis



For a more orderly, modern trellis, purchased a sheet of reo mesh from your local hardware shop. This is the metal framework mesh used in concrete construction, but it also comes in handy for quite the opposite placement as a trellis for gardening.


10. Build a Fashionable Chevron Trellis




Geometric shapes are all the rage right now, so if you have them inside your home, don't stop there. Create a fashionable DIY chevron trellis with this complete tutorial by Smile and Wave, a gem of a DIY/creative blog that I am sure you will find plenty more DIY projects within once you start surfing it. Author Rachel puts together very detailed, well-photographed DIY project tutorials for home, garden, and family.


I hope I've given you enough juicy inspo to get started on your own garden trellis. Which one did you like best? Leave a comment and let me know--it means a lot to me.

See more trellis ideas, pics, and traditional outdoor furniture and decor paired with QAQ's 'Vine' decorative screen on our Pinterest Board 'Vine Screen Design'.









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