NEW SERVICE: 3D Printing


QAQ Decorative & Privacy, Screens & Panels now offers 3D Printing Services!


What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing refers to the process whereby a material is joined or solidified under computer control to create a three-dimensional object.

Laser Engraving Solutions


Laser Engraving Solutions


When it comes to quality and quantity laser engraving and precision cutting, QAQ are no strangers. Our highly skilled team of engineers and designers have many years of experience with both the products and the machinery and have refined the process in order to deliver the most stunning pixel-perfect laser engraving solution.

Aluminium Composite Screens/Panels


Premium Grade Aluminium Composite Screens/Panels


The Aluminium Composite Panel is a light-weight composite sandwich panel, consisting of pre-finished, coated aluminium skins, over a polymer or synthetic core. Aluminium Composite is both suitable for both interior and exterior applications. 




Glass Fibre Reinforced concrete Or GRC is the latest material to become available from QAQ for “custom” applications.


What is Zofo (GRC) ?

GRC is a lightweight cementitious composite with greater properties than standard concrete. It consists of cement, silica sand, natural pozzolans, polymers, water, additives and AR fibres, which adds beauty and flexural strength to conventional concrete.

Mount your screens with easy DIY panel mounts.


 Mount your screens with easy DIY panel mounts


QAQ Decorative Screens and Panels offer an extensive range of premium quality standoffs to suit a variety of applications. Ideal for indoor and outdoor screen or panel mounting, standoffs can also be used to mount signage, architectural plaques, glass panels or even photo frames. With an elegant look and vast range of standard finishes, Standoffs can be suited towards any residential or commercial application.