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Did you know that even five minutes outdoors can lift your spirits?

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Also another interesting fact is that winter is the peak time for planting roses, deciduous trees, summer bulbs and perennials that die back in the cooler weather.

If you are planning to grow any new fruit trees this coming summer, consider planting some old and heritage varieties in July. They are easily sourced as bare rooted stock from specialist growers.

During the cooler months, grass grows much slower, so it’s a good idea to cut your grass no shorter than 2.5cm. As a guide your lawn should only need to be mowed around once every three or four weeks.

Many lawns are compacted and weedy after the long drought. Aerating now let’s moisture into the soil so you can begin to rejuvenate the lawn in spring.

If you what some colour in your garden in winter choose pansies or polyanthus that are already in flower for an instant show. Water well after planting and keep in bloom by deadheading and watering every 10 days with a liquid plant food.

Have you got any gardening tips for winter?

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