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10 Inexpensive ways to decorate your home

1. Hang solid coloured Canvas’s to brighten up the room.

Tip: Decorative screens are also a great choice as they come in a wide range of colours, textures and patterns.

2. Hanging plates are a creative and inexpensive technique to add colour and culture to every home.

Tip: Stick to similar colours but choose a range of patterns and plate sizes.

3. coloured lamp shades give a bold tone, and are inexpensive to purchase,by alternating the colours it can give every room a new colour scheme.

Tip: Stick to one lamp shade per room as too many can overkill the effect.

4. Decorate light bulbs with a sharpie, this provides a fun family activity and neat shadows when the light turned on.

5. Spruce up your front entrance by  painting the front door a more cheery colour.

Tip: Stick to one sold bold colour to maintain an elegant style.

6. Colouring the sides of a dresser adds exciting colour in children’s bedrooms.

7. White linen and floral pattern pillows add a spring time feel in every season, without overdoing any colour schemes.

8. Candles look best when massed, 4 or 5 candles located in spacious areas such as on a coffee table ranging in different heights are a sophisticated and stylish decoration for any home.

9. The use of randomly placed shells and a light blue wall colour to ass a beach feel.

Tip: By placing the shells in vases or bowls it reduces mess and gives a more organised feel.

10. Large mirrors in tight spaces gives a roomier feel to any setting, mirrors are necessary in every house hold for purpose and stylish decoration.

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