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Welcome to QAQ’s New Blog–A Decorative/Privacy Screens and Panels Inspiration and Information Resource

Decorative screens add interest, beauty, privacy, and shade to the inside and outside of homes, and they are quickly becoming more and more popular within the Australian home improvement and interior design industries. They can be an inexpensive way to create a dramatic visual impact in any style home, office, or garden while simultaneously serving a very practical need such as dividing open spaces, or creating much needed privacy. The creative possibilities with how they can be used are endless: from simply decorating a wall, to becoming a feature wall themselves, to serving as window cover, door, banister, patio roof, furniture panel, or fence.

Over the past 3 years, QAQ decorative screens and panels have been used in hundreds of home improvement and interior design projects across Australia, so we have seen and learned quite a lot about the many creative ways we have had the pleasure of seeing our customers put our screens and panels to use. We have worked with them to help solve their issues of privacy, placement, sizing, material, finish, installation, and styling among many other considerations, to provide them with the optimum use of our screens to best suit their needs for the years to come. With all our experience in helping our customers, we would like to begin to share our knowledge to help and inspire you in case you have ever considered beautifying a space in your own home or garden with a decorative screen or panel.

What you can expect from our blog:

1.  A visual feature around one of our many screens designs every Tuesday, to inspire and help you decide which style suits your decorating taste and personality.

2. An informative or educational article every Thursday to share what we have learned and to answer some of the questions that we receive about our products.

In addition, we may occasionally post our very special company updates or events to let you know what QAQ is up to, though our Facebook page is our primary update platform.

Speaking of questions, we welcome any that you may have for us! Contact Sam at

Thanks for checking in, and once again, welcome!


Christine & The QAQ Staff


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