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Decorating Like an Egyptian: The ‘Cairo’ Screen Design


The ‘Cairo’ screen is a minimalist, modern, orderly design that could accommodate almost any contemporary decorating style quite easily, but just for the fun of it–and because of its namesake–let’s indulge in a little ancient North African decor, and take a walk like an Egyptian through some of the QAQ projects that have installed ‘Cairo’ decorative screens!

Here a ‘Cairo’ cut in mild steel and powder coated a beige color has been installed as a room divider between an open lounge and a foyer, installed by QAQ’s installation partner, Installation Works.

This serene pool side wall needed some kind of decorative lift to add interest, and by painting the wall dark and installing multiple ‘Cairo’ screens cut in ACM (aluminium composite material), not only does this space look less closed-in and boring, it has been given real character.Another view from the same poolside project from the lounge. You can see why the wall, which is a central focal point from the lounge window, was in much need of added interest. No plain painted wall could serve this home so beautifully as the installment of decorative screens.

Though the ‘Cairo’ design could flexibly suit many decor styles, here is a collection of Egyptian-themed interiors that it would also be right at home alongside. Many QAQ screen materials can be painted any color to match any interior decorating color scheme.If you’ve ever taken a fancy to the Egyptian ethnic style, finding tasteful decor and fashion products can be a challenge, as the cheap and kitschy endlessly abound, but stylish exceptions do exist, and with a little moderation on the overly-representative, a good mix of just the right number of Egyptian-themed accents can evoke this beautiful, ancient culture. Here is a selection available online at this time:


  1. Isis Coaster Set – Cassie’s Coaster Shop on Etsy
  2. Exquisite fine earrings of turquoise, white gold, and copper from the ‘Egyptian Story’ Collection by Hemmerle
  3. Egyptian metal dress by Rickety Rack
  4. Winged Goddess Isis Home Decor Figurine found on Used Ottawa
  5. Ancient Egyptian Queen throw – artwork by DJSkagnetti via Zazzle
  6. Egyptian Cat Bast Figurine found on Expressions Catalog

For more inspiring decor ideas around the ‘Cairo’ design, see our Pinterest board collection. Any new decorative installation projects we my do with this design will be added to this board alongside more decor inspiration!

And if this beautiful design has piqued your interest, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find a distributor near you.

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