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Tropical Decor Style: The ‘Cayman’ Decorative Screen Design

By far, the most popular decorative screen design that we sell here at QAQ is the ‘Cayman’ decorative screen design, named after the beautiful, tropical, pristine Cayman Islands in the Caribbean Sea. Its casual, modern, organic look suits the Australian design aesthetic exceptionally well, and it serves the very practical function of a 75% sun and privacy block-out rating.

This design works well inside a modern home with casual, even eclectic style decor, as it does here, custom cut at a diagonal  in Weathertex (compressed hardwood). Installed outside, its leaf and pebble-like cutouts harmoniously reflect nature while also providing a high level of privacy and sun protection.



‘Cayman’ installed as a gate, cut in mild steel.



A rare curved installation of a ‘Cayman’ screen installed over a light fixture in a covered patio, cut in aluminium composite.

In white 6 mm acrylic, used as a room divider in a casual, colorful lounge room.


Though this screen can work well in any style decor, it lends itself well to tropical style interior decorating as it has an airy, natural, relaxed feel about it, which is what much of the tropical style entails. This style of decorating is light, crisp, colorful, uncluttered, and has playful elements of the tropics about it, from pineapple lamps to flamingo patterned linens.


‘Cayman’ Screen Design Decor Inspiration:

1. Porcelain Golden Pineapple by Katherine Houston

2. Pirate Ship Art by Lotus Leaf Creations on Etsy

3. Pineapple Lamp with White Shade by Temple and Webster

4. ‘Artique’ Cane Chair by Eco Chic

5. Tropical Summer Luau Party Glass on eBay

6. Tropical Plant Pillow by Back to Basics on Etsy

For more inspiring decor ideas around the ‘Cayman’ design, see our Pinterest board collection. Any new decorative installation projects we my do with this design will be added to this board alongside more decor inspiration!

And if this beautiful design has piqued your interest, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find a distributor near you.


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