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Ways to Divide a Room: Decorative Screens and DIY Ideas

One of the most well-known practical uses of a decorative screen is as a room divider, as screen designs instantly create elegant and airy alcoves without totally blocking out light or making a space feel small and enclosed as would a solid wall partition. It’s a perfect solution to mark the private and non-private living areas, or simply to demarcate which area serves a particular purpose, such as dining or sleeping, whether in a tiny apartment or spacious, open studio. Most QAQ screens that have been used to divide rooms have been installed as permanent fixtures, though some have been mounted on stands in order to be easily moved about when needed. Beyond decorative screens, there are other elegant ways to divide a room, with each option having various pros and cons to consider. Here are just a few:

Curtains on a Rod


This style of room divide is for the space that changes on a daily basis: easily opened up or closed with just a pull, no furniture lining the temporary divide. It merely requires the installation of a tight wire and fabric on runners. It’s both a practical and romantic way to divide a room, especially if the fabric is allowed to pool on the floor or is of a sheer style fabric, as in the lower right picture.

QAQ’s ‘Kyoto’ decorative screen design was used as a room divider here at a cafe between dining booths.



The Folding Screen


The most classic of all room dividers is a tri-fold screen that is lightwweight and easy to pick up and move, close up, or open out when needed. It suits rental homes where installing curtains is not an option, as it works in a room like a large piece of furniture. Somewhat more permanent than curtains once it is placed, this kind of screen is best for arranging around furniture, creating spaces and directing walking paths through an open space. There are endless varieties of this classic style screen, from the ornatly carved Oriental varieties, the plush satin-ruched French varieties, the modern printed canvas style, to thatched garden screens.


Another example of a QAQ screen diving a room: here is the ‘Cayman’ design in 6 mm thick white acrylic.


Bookshelves as Room Dividers


A very practical, yet still very chic way to divide a room is with a large bookshelf unit. These serve both as space-makers and space-savers, and the size and style options are endless. The closed-back shelving units create a much more permanent and solid divide than any other option. On the other hand, the open-backed units divide space yet still allow for light and visual spaciousness.


QAQ’s ‘Istanbul’ screen designs were used to divide this hair salon’s cutting and washing areas. Not only do they look modern and exotic, they create just enough privacy to make the guests feel they are in a comfortable space for the intimacy of having their head massaged and hair shampooed for them in a public place full or strangers.


Creative DIY Room Dividers


Anything can be used to divide a space, ultimately, but the question is, just how elegant will whatever is used look, and will it work with the interior decor? These spaces pictured have been divided in vastly different ways, yet each divide suits the style of the decor perfectly: a beaded curtain for the romantic, eclectic parlor; cut PVC tubes glued together and hung by the toilet for a modern bathroom; natural trees lined from a natural, thatched-style ceiling to the floor in a modern lounge; round acrylic disks hung string-style in a 60’d mod style home; and vintage scarves stitched together for a bohemian-style home. These are all DIY style room dividers that have strong character and make dramatic impacts in each of these rooms, yet all work exceptionally well as they are perfectly matched to the decor and style aesthetic.


For DIY tutorials on how to install or make from scratch these various types of dividers, Pinterest is a fantastic resource of ideas and inspiration. You can find blog tutorials through Pinterest that will show you how to create a wooden folding screen from scratch, how to hang curtains on a rod, and even how to create a divider using odd-shaped objects found around the house! Who would have guessed cut PVC tubing could look so chic?

And of course, for QAQ decorative screens as dividers, you need only ask and we can advise you on all the various methods of installation or installation services in your area. In time, I may even get to the nuts and bolts of the how-to myself and write a post to share it with you here!


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