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Australian Iconic Decor: The ‘Kangaroo Paw’ Decorative Screen Design


The iconic native Australian flower named after a kangaroo’s paw is the design of QAQ’s ‘Kangaroo Paw’ decorative screen, a design that we unfortunately lack in photos though it has always been very popular with our customers. Fortunately, the one photo I do have here to show you does a good job at showing how beautiful this design is when panels are placed side by side. A beautiful, larger arabesque design emerges, creating a stunning wall– a bit like a wallpaper mural on the side of a building.




These are blue-painted compressed hardwood panels installed on the outside of an urban building.

Kangaroo Paw flowers are too be found in almost every neighborhood street in Australia, hence this is a very popular design to install as a decorative garden screen.  Here are some examples of beautiful Australian gardens with Kangaroo Paw flowers that this screen design would sit alongside perfectly well:



Since the ‘Kangaroo Paw’ design suits the Australian native landscape and aesthetic so well, let’s look at a few more Australian icons and products that are to be found in almost every home in Australia–perhaps to the amusement of our overseas readers! These are all Australia-made things, just like all QAQ’s decorative screens!



1. Start Ya Bastard – this is a for-real starter fluid for ya’ engines, mate. Found in almost every single Aussie’s garage.

2. Aboriginal boomerang – Though most of the souvenir shops sell Chinese-made reproductions, this is still an original native Australian hunting tool that almost every Aussie child owns and doesn’t really know how to throw.

3. Arnott’s Tim Tam’s – a delicious biscuit (cookie in American) made of chocolate covered wafers. The original plain chocolate is best but it now comes in a million different flavors as well!

4. Ugg Boots – The original sheep-skin slippers made to be worn indoors yet often worn outdoors by the fashion un-conscious.

5.  A sheep skin rug – these luxuriously soft rugs make any room look quite glamorous, come in many colors, and are amazing to dig your toes into first thing when you step out of bed in the morning.

6. Vegemite – a black, butter-like salty yeast extract spread for crackers and bread. An acquired taste that foreigners will never understand.

7. The iconic Kangaroo Paw flower in a red variety.

Hope you enjoyed this little foray into all things Australian inspired by our very Australian decorative screen design, the lovely ‘Kangaroo Paw’. For more Australiana and to see photos of some of the most stunning places to visit around our great country, see QAQ’s Pinterest board on this designs: ‘Kangaroo Paw‘, alongside pin boards focusing on many other of our screen designs, with a new one each week!



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