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A Circular Pattern Decorative Screen Design: The ‘Capri’ Design


QAQ‘s circular pattern decorative screen design ‘Capri’ suits modern, minimalist design in products and interiors and has the vibrant, playful energy of its stunning namesake, the island of Capri, Italy. Geometric shapes are extremely trendy at the moment, so rather than focus on the rather limited aesthetic connection this screen design has with its namesake, I’ve decided to focus this screen feature post on all the beautiful circular pattern decorative objects and products. But first, a few of our ‘Capri’ screen installations:



‘Capri’ in mild steel was used here to enclose a small outdoor area in order to create a bit of privacy.




In this office, ‘Capri’ screens in integral pvg have been installed as room dividers to create a separate lounge area. Integral pvg is always either black or white. (Please excuse poor-quality photo, our clients often use their phones cameras!)




Again in mild steel, ‘Capri’ screens have been used here to create a large backyard fence for a much more interesting backyard view.


‘Capri’ screens would suit many styles of interior decorating, especially those leaning toward retro, eclectic, modern, and minimalist. Circles break up the dominating vertical and horizontal lines of wall hanging arrangements, can be the focal points of symmetrically arranged furniture, and can work as a surprise feature where a circle is most unexpected.


The easiest ways to work circles into your decorating scheme would be to hang circular frames and mirrors on the wall or to decorate with spherical lampshades, lamp bases, and pendant lamps.


Here are is a fun and eclectic mix of circular pattern decor objects and products I found online and where to buy them:


1.  Handmade Harmony Bangle Bracelet via Etsy by JLBox

2.  Handmade Black and White Swirls Light Switch Cover via Etsy by Cathys Crafty Covers

3. Mingling Slats Mirror by Horchow

4. Handmade Contemporary White Ceramic Rocking Fruit Bowl by Golem Designs via Etsy

5. Handmade Decorative Throw Pillow via Etsy by The Motivated Type

6. Circular Geometric ‘Darcy Pearl’ Wallpaper by

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief foray into the world of circles, spheres, and circular patterns our ‘Capri’ decorative screen design inspires. For more circular decorating inspiration and a few stunning photos of the island of Capri, its namesake, see QAQ’s Pinterest board on this design: ‘Capri Design’, alongside pin boards focusing on many other of our screen designs, with a new one each Tuesday!


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