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Colorful, Eclectic Interior Decorating and the ‘Fireworks’ Decorative Screen Design


If you’re in love with colorful, eclectic decorating styles, you’ll love this post and you’ll love that it will lead you to find even more eye-candy and a giveaway, so read on!

This being our lucky 13 decorative screen feature post, I’m proud to have now presented all of QAQ’s top 12 most popular, most featured designs, and am now sailing into the less-traveled territories of our lesser-known, quirkier patterns. The downside to this is that I won’t have as many installation projects to show you how these screen designs look in real life when they are installed, but the upside is that I can get even more creative with ideas and suggestions on how the screens can be used, and what kinds of interior or exterior decorating styles it would suit, and how.

The bold, energetic, and slightly kitschy ‘Fireworks’ design presented a real challenge for me at first, but it quickly made sense to tie it in to the explosively colorful, bright, and eclectic style of decorating that I’ve already been curating around QAQ’s baby laser biz, Rezal Home Decor and Jewelry‘s Pinterest boards. Rezal is currently an eBay store where we sell laser cut coasters, wall decor, craft components, custom products, and jewelry, mostly designed by yours truly. First, let’s look at the ‘Fireworks’ decorative screen design:



Here’s ‘Fireworks’ cut in standard size (600 mm x 1200 mm ) aluminium, installed on a white electric light box, here in the reception lobby of QAQ headquarters. You can have any one of QAQ’s designs or a custom design of your very own made and installed on a light box in either white light or colored light in this size, available through QAQ.


Creative Ways to Install QAQ’s ‘Fireworks’ Design


  • Install it on a white or colored light box, as shown above– perfect for a bar, disco floor, or wedding reception hall
  • Install it on a multi-color painted wall using stand-offs for 3D effects (click the link for our post on how to use stand-offs)
  • Install it near a swimming pool, as this design could easily be seen to be a water splash as well!
  • Have it cut in brightly colored powder-coated aluminium or mild steel, or paint it yourself with compressed hardwood or MDF
Now let’s take a look at some of the most colorful interiors found on the web — get your eyes ready for this!


When it comes to colorful kitchens, I see two main approaches: 1. The kitchen itself is mainly white or neutral but has been decorated with extremely colorful furniture and decor (the choice for renters) or 2. The kitchen cabinets and walls are painted or wallpapered in bright colors and tiles. The first approach would suit a collector, especially someone who loves vintage tableware and decor. The second approach would suit you if you love a lot of color, but not clutter. A lot of different colors like this certainly can make a home look cluttered at first glance.



It really takes a bit of boldness to have a home that is this colorful. Most home interiors are fairly conservative when it comes to color, then there’s a middle tier where two or three colors are used again and again, but homes like these are more rare and so much more rainbow– the home of a true color lover. Someone who is not afraid to paint a coffee table bright yellow, walls an ombre rose to white, or to fill the walls with an eclectic mix of colorful prints and photos. Homes this colorful are people who are very comfortable with their gender and who love to feel alive.



For a colorful outdoor area, you could buy a set of used outdoor furniture and paint it bright colors, or, if you are prepared to have a dry storage area nearby, you could simply have an assortment of colorful cushions, throws and pillows ready to pull out for when you entertain. One of the fastest, cheapest, easiest ways to add color to an outside living area is to take terracotta pots and spray-paint them bright colors to bring out the colors of the flowers and surrounding greenery.


Now for a Coaster Set Giveaway!



This week I’m giving away a set of Rezal’s colorful coasters to one blog reader who comments and tells me what their favorite color is so that you can have an even more colorful home! You can choose ANY coaster design you like from Rezal’s eBay store. The giveaway is open to anyone wherever you are in the world. The winner will be announced Friday morning on QAQ’s Facebook page, so be sure to follow us there and check back on Friday to see if you’ve won!

To see more colorful, eclectic interior decorating photos and any installations of ‘Fireworks’ that come through, follow QAQ’s Pinterest board ‘Fireworks Screen Design‘ OR follow Rezal on Pinterest for 24-7, all-around decor and product pins full of color to the max!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! Comment if you did, and be sure to tell me your favorite color!

P.S.: Mine is purple!




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