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About Us

QAQ Decorative & Privacy Screens/Panels is Australia’s largest manufacturer of decorative screens and panels, utilising 9 Standard materials: Australian Compressed Hardwood from the Weathertex® Brand, Medium Density Fibreboard better known as MDF, Plywood, Cor-Ten® (Rusting Steel), Mild Steel, Aluminium, Aluminium Composite Panel, Acrylic and the genuine Perspex®/Plexiglas®/Euromir® Brand and Integral PVC (Q-Board). Available in 9 standard sizes and over 60 different designs, QAQ can provide a cost-effective and efficient screening solution. In addition to the standard screen designs and sizes, QAQ can also provide custom screens and panels based on specific sizing requirements and individual designs. QAQ has also been featured on hit television shows such as “House Rules” and “The Block”.

QAQ was formed as a sister company to Reckli Australia in 2011. Since then, the company has cultivated a vast national and international Distribution Network and completes more than 100 commercial and domestic fit-outs each year.

Our mission is to provide visually appealing and cost-efficient products to the consumer with our Australian Made Products.

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