Types of Garden Series: Upside-Down Gardens

Why would you grow a plant upside down? That’s what I wondered when I first learned about this type of garden just last week. I thought the lady telling me about it was pulling my leg! But no, upside-gardening is a real thing, and though some people may say it’s a trend, there are some […]

Modern Patio Decor & The ‘Espressivo’ Decorative Screen Design

The undulating, ribbon-like crossed lines of QAQ’s ‘Espressivo’ decorative screen design are both strikingly modern yet feminine; it’s an abstract, artistic design that especially suits a contemporary indoor or outdoor decorating scheme. As last week’s screen design feature post focused on the more traditional ‘Vine’ design, which I paired with traditional and rustic styled patio […]

Traditional Patio Decor & The ‘Vine’ Decorative Screen Design

  The tiny buds, pointed leaf tips, and meandering vine stalks of QAQ’s ‘Vine’ decorative screen pattern make it a highly versatile design that can easily suit either a traditional or modern garden, patio, or interior. Because I’m planning to introduce you to a very abstract, modern QAQ screen design next week, I thought I’d […]

Little Girl’s Bedroom Ideas & the ‘Butterfly’ Decorative Screen Design

  Spring has sprung in Melbourne, so it seemed fitting to feature QAQ’s cutest decorative screen design, the delightful ‘Butterfly’.  A charmingly simple design of six flying butterflies, this screen would look lovely painted in a pastel color and hung on the wall of a little girl’s bedroom, so I made it an excuse to […]

Music Rooms & Decor with the ‘Music’ Decorative Screen Design

Elegant and calligraphic like music notes, QAQ’s ‘Music’ decorative screen design features lovely wavy lines, curves, and scrolls. It’s a versatile and modern design that would look beautiful as wall art or on a door. Music lovers, read on! Here we feature music rooms, re-purposed musical instruments, and musical-themed products inspired by this design, and, […]

Tuscan Decorating Style with the ‘Grapevine’ Decorative Screen Design

  QAQ’s ‘Grapevine’ decorative screen design evokes sunlit patios, alfresco dining, and golden skies over expansive vineyards. Although this design may be iconic for our Australian lifestyle, I’ve indulged here on the decorating style of the wine growing regions of Tuscany, Italy, where rustic, old world charm created a classic style over the centuries that […]

Beach House Decorating & the ‘Eden’ Decorative Screen Design

  Named after the coastal town of Eden, NSW, this decorative screen design features a starfish-like floral pattern with a high privacy and sunlight block-out rating. Though this modern design could suit many interior decorating styles, we’ve indulged here in the blissful, light and airy coastal delights that its beautiful namesake inspires. First, one of […]

Colonial Decorating with the ‘Washington’ Decorative Screen Design

      With its clean, and orderly quilt-style pattern, and subtle ecclesiastical, classic aesthetic, our ‘Washington’ decorative screen design is aptly named, and inspires an early American, colonial interior decorating style. It is also a highly versatile design, however, and looks just as fabulous in modern settings as in the installation projects we share […]

How to Create a Chinese Style Garden

    Oriental gardens have an allure of peace, tranquility, meditation, and mystery because they are specifically composed to create such. What are the elements used to create this atmosphere in an oriental garden, and how can they be copied in our own backyard?   Following on my last post on QAQ’s ‘Bamboo’ decorative screen […]