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Laser Cut Decorative Screen Spotlight: QAQ's 'Valencia' Design

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QAQ's laser cut decorative screen known as 'Valencia' is a beautifully modern, intersecting and overlapping circular pattern. This design has a 60% sunlight block-out rating, making it an ideal choice for window shade and pergolas that are exposed directly to sunshine. 

Here are some installations of this classic design followed by a brief look at its namesake city, Valencia, Spain.

'Valencia' installations here were used to block-out direct sunlight at a commercial site.  These were cut in 3 mm ACM (aluminum composite material), which is an ideal indoor or outdoor material that can be powder-coated a large variety of colors. Other metals suited to this type of  large outdoor installation range from corten (rusty metal), mild steel, and aluminum.  

This installation of 'Valencia' in a QAQ supplier store display is in white-painted MDF (medium density fibreboard). This material is used for indoor installations only and comes in various thicknesses: 3, 6, 12, or 18 mm. Also featured in the above photo is QAQ's 'Istanbul' design used on one of our custom-made light boxes. 

All QAQ's laser cut screens look great when used against a plain painted wall for decorative interest. Here's 'Valencia' in compressed hardwood (Weathertex brand) used on a residential patio wall. 

To see more installation photos of QAQ's 'Valencia' as they come in and to see more photos of the city of Valencia alongside them, follow our Pinterest board 'Valencia' here.

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