QAQ Factory Outlet at 421 Foleys Rd, Deer Park VIC 3023 is now open Monday to Friday between 9am-4:30pm.

NOTE: We are Closed on Saturdays/Sundays and Public Holidays Until Further Notice.

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"A Screen for every space and every place"
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Interior Application
With QAQ Decorative & Privacy, Screens & Panels
Define an area, create privacy or add striking impact.
Rethink your next interior design project
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Welcome To QAQ Decorative & Privacy, Screens & Panels

Decorative screens add privacy, shade, interest and beauty to the interior and exterior of buildings, and are becoming increasingly popular as a method of Home Improvement. Whether it be a professional landscape, DIY house improvement, interior design or architectural and commercial building, QAQ Screens and panels provide visual drama and decorative style. They also provide a practical solution in partitioning open spaces, creating a simple sunshade, or providing much-needed privacy; the creative possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination.


QAQ is the largest manufacturer of decorative screens and panels within Australia. Based in Melbourne, we are a wholesale manufacturer with a vast, national distribution network. We distribute to both large chain and boutique businesses, and cater to the needs of their markets with either standard or exclusive designs as required; “A Screen for every space and every place”.

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