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Welcome To QAQ Decorative & Privacy, Screens / Panels

Whether you're a seasoned landscape professional, a DIY enthusiast working on a home improvement project, an interior design connoisseur, or engaged in architectural and commercial construction, QAQ Screens and panels, including Laser Cut Screens, garden screens, privacy screens, Decorative Screens, timber screens,  and metal screens, have you covered. Our products bring a touch of visual drama and decorative flair, transforming any setting. Moreover, they offer practical benefits, such as dividing open areas, providing a stylish sunshade, or creating much-needed seclusion.

The creative possibilities are truly boundless and limited only by your imagination.

QAQ stands as the premier manufacturer of decorative screens and panels in Australia, proudly headquartered in Melbourne. Our extensive reach extends nationwide through a robust distribution network, serving both major retail chains and specialty businesses. We offer a diverse range of standard and exclusive designs to cater to the unique demands of your market. With QAQ, you'll discover "A Screen for every space and every place."