Metricon Homes - Salamanca 37

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Developer: Metricon Homes

Location: Greenhills Beach, NSW [Not currently on display]

Screens used: QAQ Kyoto- 50% Blockout, MDF 2 Pack Painted Matte White

Metricon’s Salamanca 37, Neatly makes the best use of a 12.5 m homesite. The Salamanca 37 offers four large living areas including a delightful, light-filled leisure room in which QAQ Kyoto has been utilised as a room dividing screen. QAQ Kyoto offers a 50% block out rating which is ideal for partitioning rooms and creating low levels of privacy. In this particular application, the “Kyoto” also functions as “Wall Art”. Whilst the house has been designed around key elements of modern contemporary living, The inclusion of the “Kyoto” adds a certain level classic oriental design which really differentiates from the norm and really adds striking impact to the living room of the house.

Markscon - The Baie, Brighton

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Developer: Markscon

Completion Date: October 2016

Drawing inspiration from Art Deco elements, The Baie is an exclusive multiple townhouse project in Brighton, designed by local architect Nicholas Wright. The finalised version incorporated the QAQ Valencia design which has a 60% Blockout Rating which has been modularly cladded to create a contemporary facade.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and with just a hint of deco, this modern home is designed to impress while being private and maintenance-free. At their heart lies a magnificent circular staircase spanning all three floors and offers easy access from the basement level, which features parking for three cars, a private gym and cinema.