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Little Girl’s Bedroom Ideas & the ‘Butterfly’ Decorative Screen Design


Spring has sprung in Melbourne, so it seemed fitting to feature QAQ’s cutest decorative screen design, the delightful ‘Butterfly’.  A charmingly simple design of six flying butterflies, this screen would look lovely painted in a pastel color and hung on the wall of a little girl’s bedroom, so I made it an excuse to use the silliest font I could find and to indulge in all things princess/fairytale/pastel and take a look at a few colorful DIY girl’s bedroom ideas!



‘Butterfly’ is a very niche design for us here at QAQ and we have no customer photos of it installed, so to convey what it would look like, I shamelessly Photoshopped it here for you to imagine it in color on a wall! As with all our designs, ‘Butterfly’ could be cut in any size, color, or material to suit your decorative requirements. It can be wall art, a privacy partition, a pergola roof, a garden screen…anything you like!

Butterflies are a symbol of youthfulness and innocence, so decorating with them in clever ways can make any room fit for a princess.   You can paint them on the wall or make them with paper, or, as a mommy blogger from House on Ashwell Lane did, you can purchase handmade butterflies from Etsy and make your own flying butterfly collage.



Girl’s bedrooms need not be all pastels; though young girl’s are often drawn to lighter colors, other, bolder, or more neutral color schemes abound like the two in the bottom pictures shown here. Hands down, they are still very girly, very cheerful, and very delightful! Here are some DIY ideas for young girl’s bedrooms that I adore:


Table Tutu



Using a mere 50 (!) yards of pink tulle, Krystal from the DIY blog Sassy Sanctuary created this adorable table tutu, featuring a satin bow wrap and painted table top. She also covered two cheap children’s folding chairs with polka dot fabric. See her post for the complete tutorial on how she cleverly made all of this.


Plush Animal Birds Nest



Blogger mom Deanna from Shady Tree Diary created this delightfully simple and colorful solution for a place to store her daughter’s stuffed animal birds within sight but out of the way. She features a complete tutorial on how she put it together on her lovely blog.


Princess Bed Canopy

Sarah from DIY blog Creative Ramblings made her little princess this pretty white canopy with a pair of sheer curtains. She was determined not to do any sewing to make it too, and so cleverly found a way. She also made the damask print headboard for her daughter’s bed, which is also featured on her blog.


I hope you have enjoyed this brief foray in the pretty realms of little girl’s bedrooms. For more DIY ideas and bedroom photos, see our Pinterest board ‘Butterfly’ Screen Design.

Thanks for reading!

Now I’d like to hear from you!

What little girl’s bedroom idea did you like most? 🙂




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