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Modern Patio Decor & The ‘Espressivo’ Decorative Screen Design

The undulating, ribbon-like crossed lines of QAQ’s ‘Espressivo’ decorative screen design are both strikingly modern yet feminine; it’s an abstract, artistic design that especially suits a contemporary indoor or outdoor decorating scheme. As last week’s screen design feature post focused on the more traditional ‘Vine’ design, which I paired with traditional and rustic styled patio settings, this week I’ll be pairing ‘Espressivo’ with modern styled outdoor furniture and decor. First, take a look at two installations of this design (in real photos!) that I have to share with you:


‘Espressivo’ in Compressed Hardwood


Decorative screens can fill those ‘in between’ spaces beautifully, increasing privacy and shade while adding character and value to your home.



‘Espressivo’ in 2 mm Corten


Or, a decorative screen can simply be installed as wall decor to liven up an empty space. Corten, shown here and installed with the stand-off method (click to see our tutorial) is a rust-colored metal that weathers extremely well, as it gains a charmingly rustic, uneven color over time.



Modern Patio Settings


Now on to some modern patio eye-candy. Modern patios are all about boxy, clean lines and neat edges, manicured gardens, geometrically shaped, modular furniture, and a fairly neutral, to simple color palette. They are minimalist, uncluttered, feature a few key statement pieces, but by no means do these settings lack an inviting coziness and comfort.

Compared to the intimate provincial settings of the past, modern outdoor settings always seem to cater to larger, group socializing and a lot more backside lounging or general slouchiness…

A Selection of Amazing Finds off eBay:


To get a modern patio look, you’ll need a very clean-lined, manicured landscape and patio design and a few stellar pieces of outdoor furniture. There’s no need to spend a load of cash on these, either, in fact, if you’re DIY-inclined, you’ll be amazed at what people are creating with shipping pallets! For those of you who are not, however, there are great designer deals to be had on eBay at much lower prices than what you’ll find in shops. Here are a few unique and stunningly stylish pieces I felt rather impressed with that are available there now:


  1. Seth Wicker Accent Chair $625
  2. Smokey Ash Textured 4-Piece Outdoor Sofa Set $849
  3. Iron Wire Drum Coffee Table $229
  4. Outdoor Rattan/Wicker Day Bed $2,599

Make My Week–Please Leave a Comment!

What plans to do you have for your home patio and what have you done already?

I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

As always, I hope you have enjoyed this brief foray into modern patio style. To see much more in this style and to see the latest installation pics of ‘Espressivo’ as they come in, follow our decorative screen Pinterest board features, including one just forEspressivo’ and modern patios.
Please contact for more details on any QAQ screen or to find a distributor near you.
Thank-you for reading! 😀



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