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Modern African Inspired Decor: The ‘Pretoria’ Pattern


Named after the beautiful city of Pretoria in South Africa, the ‘Pretoria’ screen design evokes the feeling of a wild, energetic natural landscape with a unifying harmony that suits contemporary decor especially well.

This decorative screen design is popular in darker colors, as bolder colors seem to suit its bold design.

A similar design with thinner inter-crossing lines is its sister design, ‘Utah’, seen here on the right.

Two ‘Pretoria’ screens line the walls here at QAQ Headquarters.

The irregular, strong lines and rough shapes of this design give it an almost intimidating, forbidding feeling, which makes it an ideal decorative statement piece when installed as a gate or in an entrance way in an urban street setting.

Here are some modern, African decorating schemes that a ‘Pretoria’ screen would work alongside with well:

‘Pretoria’ Screen Design Decor Inspiration:


  1. African baskets by Baskets of Africa
  2. African mask by Novica
  3. Kenyan hand painted deer by Handsome Vintage
  4. Colorful tribal-style necklace by Holst + Lee
  5. Stunning ‘Potter’s Workshop Tableware’ by West Elm
  6. Image found on the wonderfully stylish design and culture blog Afro Chic


For more inspiring decor ideas around the ‘Pretoria’ design, see our Pinterest board collection. Any new decorative installation projects we my do with this design will be added to this board alongside more decor inspiration!

And if this beautiful design has piqued your interest, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find a distributor near you.