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QAQ Updates: Our Decorative Screens on ‘House Rules’ & Our Upcoming New Web-Site

Just a Quick Update!


Hello, and thanks for checking in! Today I am just going to make a quick update on two of the most exciting things happening here at QAQ HQ and a third thing that is exciting for me, at least, and may also be of interest to cat-lovers!



A New QAQ Web-site Coming Soon!


It’s been a busy week here at QAQ as we are currently re-vamping this web-site with a launch planned by the end of July. That has certainly kept me busy, hence no normal blog post today!



QAQ Decorative Screens on ‘House Rules’


The contestants Ben & Danielle of this season’s ‘House Rules’ channel 7 television program chose QAQ’s ‘Washington’ screen for their beautiful backyard reveal, episode 32. You can see how gorgeous the screens look by watching the full episode or seeing the episode’s photo gallery on the Yahoo 7 ‘House Rules’ web-site.

The best thing about the reveal, in my opinion? They painted the screen a gorgeous shade of bright red! As you may know from the little tanty in my last post, I am always keen to see more QAQ decorative screens in color!


The QAQ Parking Lot Cat Care & Rescue Mission


Now, this third update is my own little project here at QAQ, and one which is very close to my heart, as I am an avid animal lover, especially of cats. There have been a litter of kittens living in and around our parking lot here at QAQ, and I have personally taken responsibility of feeding the two that have survived, hoping they will no longer need to dumpster-dive the industrial bins in this area. My hope is to get them to warm up enough to human care that they will have a chance of being re-homed, either through the Maneki Neko Cat Rescue or perhaps by a volunteer–maybe even one of you! These were the first successful photos I’ve been able to take of one of the two cats, I’ve affectionately named ‘Fluffy’, who is slowly growing less fearful of my presence each day.

I’ll be making at least one update on the mission each week on the QAQ Facebook Page, so follow us there if you do not already to hear more about ‘Fluffy’ and friend!

Till Tuesday, have a great weekend!




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