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Japanese Inspired Decorating With the ‘Tokyo’ Decorative Screen Design


QAQ‘s ‘Tokyo’ decorative screen design reflects traditional design elements of Japan with its exquisitely simple, emotionally calming symmetry and order. We rate it at a low sun and privacy block-out of 55%, as this screen is more about its elegant aesthetic appeal, suited more to gently enclosing or diving spaces.

On this beautiful porch, ‘Tokyo’ screens cut in compressed hardwood enclose the open sides, allowing for a little shade and a lot of enchanting beauty.

‘Tokyo’ makes excellent background wall decor in this oriental-style garden in a Maison Design house in South Australia.

The Japanese design aesthetic is completely unique from any other country in the world, and isn’t always an easy one to get right, as it often requires genuine Japanese architectural elements like shouji, the traditional paper and wood doors, windows, and room dividers, or tatami, the floor matting made of rice straw that gives an authentic Japanese home its wonderful dried grass aroma. Yet, it can be represented in a modern style by using a neutral color palette, minimal decor, simple, geometric shapes, and a touch of nature, such as a carefully shaped bonsai, miniature tree, or beautiful ikebana, flower arrangement.

One of the best places in Melbourne that has a traditional tatami room with real tatami is the Japanese Bath House in Collingwood. Not only can you experience what a real Japanese onsen is like, you can also have a shiatsu massage and relax on the tatami in your robe after a long hot bath, and have a bowl of udon or just a pot of sencha green tea. Though men and women bath separately, you are required to thoroughly wash yourself and bath nude, just as they do in a real Japanese bath house. It is a bone-warming, wonderfully relaxing experience, and while you visit you’ll get a good sense of the Japanese aesthetic!

For more inspiring decor ideas around the ‘Tokyo’ design, see our Pinterest board collection. Any new decorative installation projects we my do with this design will be added to this board alongside more decor inspiration!

And if this beautiful design has piqued your interest, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find a distributor near you.


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