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Ornate, Baroque, Yet Modern: The ‘Morocco’ Decorative Screen Design


QAQ‘s most baroque decorative screen design is by far ‘Morocco’, a lavish, damask-like pattern that evokes exotic, faraway locations and is capable of creating a truly luxuriously rich decor touch to even the most boring of spaces. I long to see customer project photos of this exquisite design installed in a home or garden that truly suits its sensual style, imagining a colorful, richly decorated room with ‘Morocco’ used as a room divider to create intimate alcoves, or a decadent, modern glass and mirror living room with it hanging on the wall, cut in a high-gloss ACM color like ruby red, deep purple, or emerald green. Most of the projects I have photos here to show you are with this ornate design in natural wood shade of compressed hardwood in un-decorated settings, and though still gorgeous, they hardly meet up with the decorative impact and potential of this ornate design that I have in my imagination! Would someone please buy this screen and show me otherwise??! Here are the kinds of settings I imagine it suitably installed within and how I imagine it, all of course inspired by its namesake: Morocco!




In these Moroccan style patios, I imagine the ‘Morocco’ screen used in the back of each lounge setting, hanging from the patio roof or along the fence in a brightly powder-coated aluminium or mild steel, which are ideal for outdoor settings. In the lower right picture, screens could be used in place of the curtains on the side behind the lounge seats, perhaps in a crisp, white, satin-painted compressed hardwood. Notice three decor elements that are similar in all 4 of these photos that make up the Moroccan style:

1. Stripy rugs

2. Lots of throw pillows

3. Low seating and low furniture




The ‘Morocco’ decorative screen could be used as a headboard or hung above the beds in these beautiful bedrooms, especially if it were cut in a smooth and lightweight material like ACM, which comes in a variety of colors–and color is the defining decor element of so many Moroccan styled interiors! Once again, there are throw pillows galore, and a lot of varying textures in soft and hard furnishings.


Living Rooms


Though still Moroccan in style, these living rooms are more minimalist, lighter, and have more modern furnishings than traditional Moroccan interiors. I imagine the ‘Morocco’ decorative screen cut in pale blue or white ACM and hung as wall decor in the top left picture, a bright red or yellow ACM in the top right, and a pale green or mustard yellow powder-coated aluminium in the bottom right pic. In the bottom left pic, I can’t imagine anything more beautiful than ‘Morocco’ being cut in raw aluminium (which is a beautiful matte silver and very lightweight) and hung on the wall to match the silver chest of drawers.




Now to see the ‘Morocco’ decorative screen installed: here it is in black powder-coated ACM in an outdoor kitchen area. These screens were cleverly installed on runners so that they can be pulled to the side when needed, like sliding doors.



And here it is installed in a sunroom. Imagine how glorious this room would look when filled with palms, striped rugs, low furnishings, and too many colorful throw pillows…beautiful!


Where & What to Buy For Moroccan Style:


Previously, I’ve featured some beautiful, but exorbitantly expensive products–no longer! From now on you’ll see only affordable products that can be easily purchased, often on eBay and Etsy! Here are just a few:

1.  Moroccan hamsa necklace: via Etsy by The Blue One Designs

2.  Moroccan Tea Glass Set: via eBay here

3.  Throw Pillows: handmade by Chloe and Olive via Etsy

4.  Purple Hanging Hexagon Lamp: via eBay here

5.  Pink Violet Magenta Purple Moroccan Filigree Box: by Merry Meeting Gifts

6. Moroccan Hand painted Corner Table: via eBay here

Hope you enjoyed this little foray into all things Moroccan inspired by our ‘Morcooco’ decorative screen design. For more Moroccan inspiration, see QAQ’s Pinterest board on this design: ‘Morocco’, alongside pin boards focusing on many other of our screen designs, with a new one each Tuesday!




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